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Descending to Charlotteville, legendary for its peace and beauty we find Tobago’s finest natural harbour – Man O War Bay. Here is an excellent diving centre with its own dive shops.


Speyside village although retaining its quiet charm, has developed as an important diving centre with the accent on watersport activities, glass-bottom boat trips etc. Speyside also offers a good choice of accommodation and restaurants. The Tourist Office is located here. Speyside has a famous lookout with magnificent views and local fruit and sourvenirs are on sale from wayside stalls.

Louis d’or Nurseries

Here the breeding surseries give the visitor an opportunity to see citrus, cocoa and coffee seedlings being propagated for distribution to small farmers to improve their yields.


On our way we pass the main town along the Windward Coast where you will find the usual town facilities - gas station, schools, supermarket etc. It is home to an international standard dive and medical recompression centre.

Leaving Roxborough in the direction of Scarborough a visit to the magnificent Argyle Waterfall is not to be missed.

Argyle Waterfall

This is the Island’s highest waterfall. In three tiers, it is magnificent, and beautiful to behold, especially in the “rainy season” when the waters are at their most spectacular. A 15 minute climb will lead you to the falls, but as the paths are slippery we would suggest you seek the assistance of one of the official guides to reach it.

At the waterfall you will find an enchanting pool in which you enjoy a swim before descending.

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