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Below we recommend to you places of interest on the island and a quick browse through them will give you a clear idea of what to expect when you go sight-seeing in Tobago. Let us take you on a round tour of the Island’s sites starting at Crown Point.

Buccoo Reef and The Nylon Pool

Glass bottomed boats over some of the best reefs in the Caribbean are available daily from Store Bay and Pigeon Point to Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool. Snorkellers can get a closer look at the different kind of coral and enjoy the marine life such as jewel fish and reef sharks. The Nylon Pool is a warm shallow coral sand bank hundreds of yards out to sea where the water is a few feet deep – wonderfully warm, calm and a delight to swim in.

Fort Milford and Fort Bennett

Fort Milford was established by the British in 1777, captured by the French who occupied it until 1793 when it returned to British rule, it is not only an interesting historical site but makes a perfect location to enjoy the magnificent sunsets.

Fort Bennett was built in 1778 by the British to protect the coast against US privateers, provides wonderful views of Stonehaven Bay. Here you will enjoy peace in the ruins of this historic site, also a magical early morning view of the rising sun.


This is a village with an historical Fort (Fort James) and a mystery tombstone which intrigues and puzzles all visitors with its strange inscription, part of which reads “She was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it, except by her kind indulgences
to him”

Arnos Vale Water Wheel Park

Inward from Plymouth and Arnos Vale Bay you will find a former sugar plantation/factory, which is well worth a visit with its magnificent water wheel and powerhouse of the original estate still in evidence. There is a small museum to enjoy and a nature trail excellent for bird watching (where mot mots and young iguanas are known to frequent). There is also a gift shop and restaurant.Travelling round the Island to the northern tip of Tobago on our way to Charlottesville we arrive at Flagstaff Hill.

Flagstaff Hill

Flagstaff Hill is the site of a former American military radio tower and observation point during World War 2 and here we can enjoy not only a panoramic view of the St. Gile’s Islands but also magnificent sunsets.

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