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Diving FAQs

Can anyone dive?
Pregnant women and anyone with severe asthma, sinus infections, heart problems and any other difficulties affecting breathing are prevented from diving. (Unfortunately anyone arriving with a cold or ear infection will be unable to dive.)

Will I need a medical check?
On day one you will be asked to complete and sign a medical indemnity form. If any of your answers cause concern to the Dive Operator, you may be asked to undertake a medical examination.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?
No, but you will be required to demonstrate that you can swim 200 metres.

How deep will I dive?
As a beginner when you first start training, you will dive to the bottom of a swimming pool and gradually progress to deeper dives at a maximum of 18 metres in the sea.

How long does a dive last?
As a rule, the deeper the dive, the shorter you dive – on average you will have 30/40 minutes “bottom time”

Can I dive and fly on the same day?
No! You should not dive within 24 hours of arrival or departure.

Do I need to book in advance of my holiday?
As Scuba diving is popular, we strongly recommend you book before you travel otherwise you may be disappointed to find courses fully booked on your arrival in
If you require any help, please contact us on diving@tobagoisland.com

For the less adventurous, snorkelling can be enjoyed at bays all over the island particularly at Speyside, Pigeon Point (Buccoo Reef) Mt. Irvine and Store Bay where equipment can be supplied.

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