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“Dive into another world”

Tobago is one of the world’s top-dive destinations and scuba-diving in its tropical waters is an unforgettable adventure. Perfectly located where the outflow of the Orinoco, the Southern Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea meet, Tobago’s waters are full of nutrients consequently heaving with underwater life. Immerse yourself in crystal clear sun dappled waters where astonishing exotic fish of every species such as fairy basslets, triggerfish, glassy sweepers, spotted drum, serjeant majors and angel fish weave in and out. Sponges of every variety and almost all the of the 300 species of South Atlantic coral are there before your eyes aswell as what is purported to be the largest Brain Coral in the world, while the reefs gently slope to the sea bed. Amongst the plunging submarine cliffs and volcanic formations look out for the larger sea creatures, whales, sharks, dolphins, squid, turtles, manta rays and tarpon.

The seas are at their “roughest” from December to April while from July to September, the water temperatures are at their highest reaching around 80 degrees.

Speyside is Tobago’s “diving” capital and together with Charlotteville are the main scuba bases in the north-east offering a diversity of sites from spectacular, unspoiled reefs and sheltered diving to the offshore diving around Goat and Little Tobago.

Wreck diving is available on the west coast where a sunken ferry, the MV Maverick is a favourite “to visit”.

The Island’s diving industry is run to professional and international standards. It has an Association of Dive Operators whose instructors are all PADI or NAUI certified and offers courses for the beginner, the amateur and advanced divers wishing to gain further experience. Mindful of your skill level your Dive Operator/Diving Guide will find a dive adventure suitable for you!

We must stress the importance of choosing an Association member to dive with, and will be pleased to make any recommendations. Contact us on diving@tobagoisland.com

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Association of Tobago Dive Operators
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