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TSPCA Contact Details

Shelter address:

Friendsfield Road, Bacolet, Tobago, W.I.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 373, Scarborough, Tobago, W.I.

Contact numbers:
Phone: (868) 639 2567, Fax: (868) 639 9050
Weekdays - 8.30am - 4.30pm
Weekends - 8.30am - 12.30pm
E-mail: tspca@tobagoisland.com

In Emergency:
Phone: (868) 639 4342 or (868) 639 0292

Donations can be made by contacting the TSPCA through the tobagoisland.com web site. All enquiries will be dealt with directly from the TSPCA in Tobago.
For donations, please click on the 'banner' image above or alternatively email us at: tspca@tobagoisland.com

Trinidad&Tobago Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals - Tobago Branch

Associate Member of RSPCA and WSPA
The Tobago Branch of the T&TSPCA was founded in late 1968. It is a privately run, non-profit making organisation whose main aim is exactly what the name says - to prevent cruelty to animals. It attempts to locate owners of lost animals, attempts to rehome stray, rescued and unwanted animals, and endeavors to educate the public on caring for animals.

Tobago is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea, with a population of approximately 45,000 permanent residents. The Tobago Society has a membership of 130+, of which 50 are non residents. It is due primarily to legacies, grants, donations, and fund raising activities, that the Society exists. In the case of specific projects, some assistance is received from the Royal Society in England and WSPA. Except for the routine daily care and maintenance provided by a permanent staff of three, everything is done by volunteers. All money received is used 100% for the care of the animals and maintenance of the facility.

TSPCA Latest News

We have a UK vet coming to Tobago for 2 weeks at the beginning of September 2004 to commence a neutering programme to help reduce the number of stray dogs and cats in Tobago.

The work is being done voluntarily and we are fund raising for the necessary equipment and medical supplies which we will need for the animals.

Case Study - The Story of Ginger

To read the story of Ginger the cat and owner Beverly Smith please click here or on the title above
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