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Marine Life

The nutrient-rich overflow from the Guyana current and the Orinoco River has resulted in waters so alive with sub-sea flora and fauna that you are unlikely to find such a magnificent marine eco system elsewhere. The reef systems are varied, boasting a multitude of over 500 species. The shallow lagoons at Buccoo Reef are home to tropical fish, nurse sharks, moray eels, large barracuda and tarpon while the coral encrusted offshore underwater pinnacles (Sisters Rocks) encourage the large pelagic fish turtles and sharks Tobago is also one of the best places in the world to see Manta Rays.

Turtle Watching

Every Spring during the nesting season from March into the Summer, the giant Leatherback turtles come to Tobago’s North shore beaches to lay their eggs. (The baby turtle emerges 55 to 70 days later). The Leatherback is an endangered species and visitors are kindly requested to make the minimum noise and speak softly in order that these magnificent turtles are not disturbed.

Visitors are also asked to keep at a distance of 15 meters from the turtles and as they emerge from the sea no flash lights from cameras/videos to disturb them.
Visitors are also asked to refrain from handling the turtle eggs or to attempt to ride on their backs. You will be rewarded with the most unforgettable and wonderful act of nature.
Turtle Beach, Back Bay and Grafton Beach are locations for “turtle watching”
We would highly recommend you to the services of a guide. Free Turtle tours are organised by the local forest rangers for the Charity SOS Tobago (Save Our Seaturtles Tobago).

Underwater adventures can be enjoyed by glass-bottomed boat or for the more energetic there is snorkelling and scuba-diving where visibility regularly reaches 120 feet or more.
Tobago boasts one of the finest diving locations in the world.

Please visit our “What to do” “Diving and Watersports” area for more details.

We would certainly recommend our nature lovers to arrange a personally guided tour with an experienced guide. Tobagoisland.com. will be happy to assist you with recommendations and if we can help you further in this exciting and unique adventure.
Please e mail: adventures@tobagoisland.com

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