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Bird Watching

Bird watching throughout Tobago is both exciting and astonishing with over 210 species. You can expect to see them in great abundance even in relatively built-up areas - perhaps hopping onto the veranda of your hotel! The island’s diverse habitat locations really do make Tobago a “paradise” for its many feathered friends. On the beaches, wading birds are in abundance while the woodlands and deciduous forests provide homes for an amazing number of species - hummingbirds, cocricos, woodpeckers, flycatchers, jacamars, herons, egrets and others too numerous to name. In the mangroves you can catch a glimpse of osprey, coots, jacana, herons, sandpipers and in the rain forest, you might be lucky to see the very rare saber-winged hummingbird and many other species too. The island of Tobago is “a must” for Bird Watcher enthusiasts– and even novices will find themselves enthralled by the incredible variety of birds!
The offshore island bird sanctuaries provide important breeding areas with Little Tobago Island, off the coast of Speyside being one of the most significant in the Caribbean. Little Tobago Island is easily accessible and here you may catch sight of the magnificent Red-billed Tropic Bird gliding smoothly over the cliffs. Off the northern tip of Tobago lie the Giles Islands, protected breeding grounds for the magnificent Man-O-War bird and Frigatebird.

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